Website strategy, design, integration, and automation

for spiritual and earth-conscious entrepreneurs and healers

Hi, I'm Amanda!

I know how frustrating it can be tinkering with all the tech stuff, when all you want to do is offer and deliver the gifts you’re here to share.

I’ve spent many years figuring it out, which has made me come to enjoy the process of making all the online tools work together, and look good in the process.

I’m a spiritual seeker and healer myself, which puts me in a unique position to get you and understand what it’s like offering your creative and healing gifts to the world.

Working together to create the ideal online presence for your business

You know your skills, offerings, and vision. I know how to package them together and make all the technology work.

It’s a collaborative process to determine the best course of action, with regards to which tools and platforms to utilize and how to bring your vision to life.

Specific ways I can Support your business:

  • Complete website designs
  • Email marketing funnels
  • E-commerce setup
  • Online course setup
  • Online community setup
  • Integration and automation creation and optimization

Tools & platforms I have experience with


Past Projects

Dr. Andrea Greiner

About The Project
Dr. Andrea Greiner is a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist, who needed a website to share her new online offering to help train other healers. She was already using Kajabi before we began working together, so that is where the site was designed and created.

Dr. Angela Knapp

About The Project
Dr. Angela Knapp, a naturopathic doctor with unique specialties, desired an updated and aesthetically cohesive site to communicate her most current offerings and display the various content and courses she’s created. She works with patients both locally on Martha’s Vineyard and online. We included a new patient quiz to streamline the intake process, and connected her scheduling service to the site to automate as much as possible. I created this site using WordPress.

I Love Cacao

About The Project
I was hired by Rhabb Seymour to create an e-commerce site for the handcrafted, Guatemalan cacao he is distributing within the United States. He wanted an website platform that could continue to grow as he expanded his offering of cacao products sourced from various indigenous sources. I built the site using WordPress and Woocommerce.

School Of Naad

About The Project
The amazing Kundalini instructors and mentors at School of Naad, Hari Ram and Sat Kirtin, hired me to update their site to reflect their most up-to-date services and offerings. Over their years in business, their business evolved, and their old website didn’t fully reflect their new business. I worked with them to update their home, services, podcast, free offering, and community pages to communicate the most current version of their business.


At this time, this is the population I’m excited to work with. If you feel you’re aligned, but you’re unsure if you fit in this group, please fill out my inquiry form. I’ll get back to you, ask you any further questions if I have them, and let you know if I think working together would be a good fit.

The price for my services is dependent upon the work involved in a specific project. This would be determined through a discovery call, from which I would have a greater understanding of your specific needs.

That being said, I can give you a sense of the potential investment for our work together.

A custom 5-page website starts at $3000. A custom 1-page sales page with payment gateway integration begins at $1000.

Other work, such as email funnel creation and online tool integration and automation, can be charged on an hourly basis or by the project. My hourly rate is $70/hr.

Book a discovery call to receive a personalized quote.

The images and copy for your website would be provided by you, as you know your business best to be able to write about it and you have the ability to obtain the needed images.

I will guide you in what content would be best suited for your site. I highly recommend investing in professional photography. Also, if you feel uncomfortable writing the copy for your site, working with a copywriter may also be a good idea.

The written content and images are needed prior to the start date of the site.

Upon receiving your initial inquiry, I will review your information to determine if we may be a good match to work together, and let you know.

If I think we’d be a good match, we’d schedule a discovery call, during which we’d go more in depth through your business needs. We’d together arise at a course of action for the scope of the project. After the call, I’d send you a proposal with the outline of the project and fee involved. 

If you’d like to proceed, a down payment (1/3-1/2 of the total cost, depending upon the size of the project) is required to schedule the project start date. Within 2-3 business days of scheduling the start date, you will be emailed an document that contains the information and content (images, copy, etc) needed to initiate your project.

Once your project begins, you will be involved throughout to give feedback on the desired design and layout. When we arrive at an agreed upon design and layout, I’m busy getting everything in place.

Upon completion of the project, you review it and any further modifications are requested and made. Final payment is due at this time. Then, the project is handed over to you, and I teach you anything you need to know to use what I’ve created for you.

Interested in working together?

Complete the form to help me determine if we’ll be a good match to work together. I’ll email you back, and if we’re aligned, we’ll schedule an initial call.